Name:OPP,POF shrink film
请点击图片观看放大样图!  Highly transparent and lustrous with equal shrinkage  in  both  traverse  and 

      machinery  directions.

      With it's high transparency and luster equivalent to those of cellophane.  

   OKUWRAP enhances the commodity value, giving outstanding display effects.

  Smart and tight packaging                                     

      OKUWRAP is unsurpassed by any type of shrinkable film in terms of shrinkage                      

   stress, making packaging with very tight shrinkage possible. It is most suitable请点击图片观看放大样图!

      for packaging multiple articles together and for set  packaging.
  Thin, strong and inexpensive 
  Due to its biaxial ductility, this product is far excellent in both tensile strength and
  impact resistance than nonductile film. It is thin, strong and inexpensive  film  for
  Harmless for food hygiene
  No food additive or  compound  which  may cause  hygienic  problems  is  added    
  to this product. Therefore, direct packaging is harmless to food.
  No noxious gas 
  No noxious gas is produced during heat sealing and  cutting  operation  so  that 
  the air in the work place will not be polluted.     Also, litter decomposed substance
  is created  and  there is almost  no  chance of  waste seal sticking  of  rusting on
   metal surfaces.
  No static electricity, dust is not easy to be absorbed.
  Excellent salability and high speed packaging
     Because of high sealing strength and  beautiful seal,  this  film  is optimum  for   
     high speed automatic packaging.   It gives rise to labor reduction and efficiency 
     increase in packaging.
 Main use
请点击图片观看放大样图!请点击图片观看放大样图!请点击图片观看放大样图!  Outer packaging of instant noodles in bowls and so on.
    Multiple packaging of lactic acid beverages in bottles and so on.
    Outer packaging or multiple packaging of medicines, health protection foods.
     Outer packaging for audio/video tapes, stationery, toys, handcrafts, goods for      
         daily use  and so on.

lactic acid beverages

cassette tapes and records

▲magazines, stationery, toys
daily necessities

▲ cup noodles