Three representative shrinkage packaging systems
Sealing system of Packaging machines Pillow type sealing Four-way sealing L-bar sealing
schematic of packaging method
Auto packaging Auto Packaging Manual or semi-auto packaging
Packaging speed(pcs/min.) High speed 50260 Low speed 1060 Low speed 860
Film use Flat film (single) Flat film (double) Center-folded film (single)
Size of film used Contour of article to be packaged       +1.2-4 in.(30100mm) Contour of article to be packaged x1/2+24in.(x1/2+50100mm) Contour of article to be packaged              2+24in.(x1/2+50100mm)
Used Packaging of massproduced articles Integrated packaging of multiple articles and flat commodities Packaging of small lots,various articles
Application(Examples) Cup noodle, Lactic acid drink, Frozen food, Air spray, Cassette tape, Medicine,  Soap, etc. Lactic acid drink, Record, Magazine, Stationery, Sundry, etc Album, Toy, Food, Sundry, etc